An attempt to answer William

William asked me to expand in this blog on an entry he made May 2 with Robbie Wright and I commenting.
We should not view the competition as other FI’s but as ourselves lacking the development of a website as a relationship deepening tool.

  • Maybe it isn’t only the website but the products that could be an integral part of the website. This is important in the DIY process.
  • This is constant (because nothing will stand still on the web) as we leap frog to better technologies. That is the development domain we now live in.
  • This pushes us to a re-invention of product and service needs in attempt to marry relationship and technologies. It needs to be a virtual human touch or virtual human experience (VHE).
  • Can we create these products and services? YES, but only if we are constantly vigilant to keep tech development along with a VHE. Without this we become a common process, a commodity.
  • New products by the nature of being new will create a uniqueness which can be identified as personal (who else is using this?)

Advantage us, the credit unions!
Just by our nature and history we have a sound base on which to build. Our brick and mortar can only serve to enhance, in the member’s mind, our personal and ongoing relationship as it comes to product and service. These are the elements to clone in the VHE. As William pointed out and Robbie commented, e-tail experiences are to be as entertaining and amusing as personal experiences.

Products need to be built from the person out.

Start with the person, define their wants and needs. You should be able to create products fulfilling their needs invisibly by delivering it the way they want.

  • 24/7
  • DIY (customization). If a product has 12 variables to choose from, then the number of possible ways the product could be ‘developed’ or seen would be a factor of 12 = 78. With enough variables the end results could be close to unique for every member.

Incorporating the Products/Services into personal networks.
This is really new ground and will take some ingenuity on our part. Services that would be appreciated when viewed by others i.e. text messaging and would happen outside the realm of the branch could be one objective. Something that would touch that member in their own world which could be shared through common experience or through a shared virtual site would link to others to create dialogue and discussion. When we arrive here (The Wisdom of Crowds) the innovation and creation will take shape.
All this time the individual person keeps their products and services shaped their way (DIY).

Is this possible? Yes.
Where has it happened? If you have read this far you have some idea.
Where could this begin in earnest? Like minded CUs sharing these sentiments and discussion in a non-political atmosphere.

Well William I hope I have expanded enough. I think the time is coming when like minds need to discuss this around a personal event, like lunch.

Context for change in CU system

When asked for a quote here is what I said for a recent CUCBC publication.

“We can mould a new financial reality for credit union members. We need to be as vigilant with technology implementation as with lending risk. It is imperative that we are aware of the ever unfolding technologies to see how they can be used to better serve our membership. We can continue to exist as small and nimble entitites. Service should be based on trust from knowing our members. You can then manage risks instead of risks managing you. This new financial reality is ever moving and paying attention to the owners who we serve will continue to bode well for all of us.”

There are a tremendous discussions going on now about Web 2.0 and the families of services it has created. Cole Camplese says it best: “I guess that is part of the answer though — people are listening (not thousands) and they are trying to engage. Without us making the time to provide the first conversation starter it wouldn’t be going on. I am becoming more and more amazed at how open and transparent the community I live in is becoming — blogging, sharing photos on Flickr, sharing tags on, and Twittering — all of it is changing the way we interact.

This engagement, this interaction, is creating and changing the way we do things. But will we take the next step? Will we risk changing some core pillars in our institutions? Those that don’t will be left behind.

What makes people generous?

There are so many times you expect people to be one way and they are the other. Generosity is always a surprise. And because one is generous one day does that mean you’ll continue in that domain? It seems a lot depends on how you feel. Sure you can quickly weigh the obvious, that you can afford to be generous with your time, donation, or effort. But just because you can do something does that mean you will do something? There has to be more to it than just that. Maybe one is generous because it is a pretty big thing to help people. Maybe it is that sentiment, without guilt, that you are going to make a difference, no matter how small. There is no ideal for generosity. It comes from a purely human aspect of life. That is why I have difficulty when businesses or an entity other than human portrays themselves as caring or generous. An entity just doesn’t have those sentiments and in my wildest imagination never will. Next time you are generous think about it. It is something that only you can do at that moment.

Saturday, typical

I was at the library and even Luke the Librarian is reading my blog. Wow! He is the one that should be writing blogs. Three very interesting books were brought home.

  • The Shia Revival by Vali Masr. How conflicts with Islam will shape the future.
  • A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink. Why right-brainers will rule the world. Six essential aptitudes – Design, story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning.
  • Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. Understanding how to end your small business marketing struggle (or how not to listen to the marketing flavour of the week).

Last week the ‘renters’ moved out suddenly. They were there for such a short time we had only met them a few times and talked to them. The owner was over today. I sort of felt sorry for him as he said the place was a mess. Maybe that is why they left suddenly.

I have been listening to ‘Cranely’s Gonna Make It’ by Broken Social Science on their ‘Feel Good Lost’ CD. This is a very interesting sound. Though it doesn’t sound exactly like the Feelies you get the same ‘moving along’ feeling when you hear this melody. A trombone and banjo for some highlights which is different. Someone named them experimental indie pop. A genre near and dear to my heart.