Bacn (electronic)

I came across this word in Wikipedia. It is the term given to electronic messages which are not spam but are often unread. They state that bacn is email you want but not right now. This started me thinking about how much material other than emails is marked for future reading especially websites and blogs. Those blog entries that are marked for future reading could be called ‘progs’ – postponed readable blogs. Websites are either bookmarks or tags. (I use but would rather use simpy). The easiest is to use the tagging engine of your choice.
So why do we collect so much information for future digestion? It is easy to gather so much verbiage. In a matter of minutes your collection of articles that are specific to your interest are there and the means to prepare this future reading material is possible. The ease to be able to do this was simply not possible a few years ago. (Someone mentioned to me that a family member of theirs still prints every web page off they want to read and has massive paper files for their special interests!) The neat thing about this is that when you get back to reading this suitcase of words it starts you thinking in a focussed manner. The grey matter is really working hard with such a variety of viewpoints. And you can’t find that stimulus anywhere else. These thoughts and ideas are coming directly from the writer without the filtering of any editor or publisher. It’s like getting a mailbox of letters from around the world, everyday.

So bacn is good, spam is not. One is edible pork, the other is a supposed edible pork product. Funny how pig parts have solicited these types of meaning. Oink on!

Author: tinfoiling


2 thoughts on “Bacn (electronic)

  1. I am so bad at this. I have organized bookmarks, readers, social tags and on top of all that, I have 30 folders in Outlook that are for my different categorized Bacn emails.

    It feels like I am organized – but I don’t think that is true. I think I am trying to suck up too much information. Every week I add at least 3 blogs to my readers – I have over 40 emails that need attention in some way or another (none critical but all important – some are just to remind me to do something).

    I have over 1000 unread blog postings – that I may look at but will probably never read.

    So tis makes me wonder…. How much Bacn goes bad?

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