Cities on Flickr

Flickr has some amazing information that is not all pictures. When you type in a search you get the number of photos that apply to that tag. So here are some results.

  • London 2,119,240
  • Paris 1,898,223
  • San Francisco 1,798,543
  • “San Francisco” 1,439,052
  • “New York” 2,045,106
  • New York 1,273,920
  • Berlin 887,633
  • Toronto 647,984
  • Vancouver 619,292
  • Victoria 461,933
  • Ottawa 167,469
  • Whistler 112,765
  • Regina 43,844
  • Bellingham 23,202
  • Burnaby 18,103
  • Blaine 13,008
  • Chilliwack 5,361
  • Coquitlam 4,478

Surprising that the ” ” were lower with SF and higher with NY but then New York is also a state. London and Paris no surprise. Berlin was. And the centre of the universe, Toronto, wasn’t that much higher than Toronto (but then maybe Vancouver also included Washington state’s Vancouver). Victoria with that many more pictures than Ottawa? It hurts that Bellingham beats out Burnaby. But at the bottom of the list Blaine beating out Chilliwack and Coquitlam? There goes the neighbourhood!

Author: tinfoiling


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