Stuff one thinks about driving to work in the morning

  • TV – This weekend while in Seattle I had the TV set on. We don’t have TV at home so I thought it would be great to see what’s on. Guess what? Nothing, nothing, nothing. More chanels of nothing. And the advertising, it has gotten worse. To top it all off CBC had the movie Troy on with commercials every 5 minutes. Sorry but the library looks even better now.
  • On leadership – “Don’t be afraid to lead, the challenges will come in any event”.
  • BarCampBankSeattle – lots of young, dynamic leaders.
  • New t-shirts – “Blog with Passion”
  • Brands need to be based on pillars and these pillars need to be placed on the ground of principles.
  • – is this going to take off at some point?
  • Every system must enable the user.

Author: tinfoiling


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