Post Boxing Day

The weather here is typical ‘rain forest’ with a bit of white. It sets the mood to do just about nothing. I am back reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicle’ by Haruki Murakami. The writer is unbelievable. He has the ability to paint the scene as if you were there and then breaks you into his world by the short comments his characters make. The common become the exceptional be it a cat, a waiter or a glass of water. You can get lost in his world.

Our bathroom tap set needs some washer and parts changed but it is a Delta so it gets complicated. First let me say anything mechanical, anything that requires tools, is a foreign country to me. My son helped me remove the faucet and get the parts. But this morning, even when putting the faucet in a vice, I can’t loosen the faucet part to put the replacement parts in. A pipe wrench wouldn’t even do it. One final strategy needs to be completed before I dial the plumber.

My wife gave me a few nice shirts for Christmas. My sleeve length is long so the selection is usually only 3 choices, blue, white or sometimes yellow. They still use pins in the packaging which is sometimes dangerous. Men and pins, they just don’t go together. You could get a closer relationship with a bobbypin before you could with a straight pin. There used to be five but now there is about 7 pins per shirt. The question is why more pins?

Our son leaves for Madagascar next week so tomorrow we head down to Mountain Equipment Co-op to get him some stuff. I am wondering what items one takes to Madagascar. And of course on our way down we hit the skateboard shop. They have the neatest T-shirts and this is the only time they are affordable.

In the meantime still working on the New Years blog entry.

Author: tinfoiling


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