Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This last week as been, well let’s just say very volatile. It was like a roller coaster with events at every hill and turn. But by tomorrow afternoon it will return to something normal.

Not many entries this month but tons of stuff to write about. I have a number of papers to go through, 3 of the most interesting being:
– Filene’s Alternative Capital for U.S. Credit Unions?
– System Operations Committee Enterprise Risk Management Draft
– Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement between BC and Alberta
Dry reading to say the least but some monumental works that will change some of the ways we do things in the future.

Time to take a break and be with family and friends. The PlayStation 3 came back from Sony (oh thank you Sony!), the fireplace is working beautifully, the new dishwasher is a quiet as a mouse, the turkey is in the fridge and someone brought me a bottle of Glen Breton Canada’s Only single malt whiskey aged 10 years. Now that should be interesting! Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Author: tinfoiling


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