The need for another holiday

Seems once the Christmas holiday season is over you need another holiday just to get your energy levels back. And every year everyone says the same thing “Gonna change next year… keeping it simple”. Sure.

What does 2008 hold in store?

Personally, I’m heading over to Europe to visit our youngest son, the artist, in Copenhagen. We are planning to head down to Barcelona for a week or so. It will be fun and something I am really looking forward to. Europe is Europe and it does get different when your family lives there.

This year golf will take a higher priority, right Tim?

Work wise it should be busy. This month, with the conversions and new ATM, we will begin formalizing some of interesting opportunities we will have. A few more unique products coupled with our service level is the goal. I think this will be the year iPhone will be introduced in Canada and with that the mobile market should begin shifting a little. Disruptive technologies seems to take interesting paths before being accepted to a greater level. There seems to be more and more iPods everywhere you look so the brand’s acceptance and its mature platform can only help moving Apple into this newer area.

That concept of putting a pocket sized computer with Internet access and an acceptable interface into the hands of more and more individuals makes one think about what will happen. In my short business lifespan there have been 3 giant steps that have moved the way we do things to the next plateau. The Apple II in 1978 (with Visicalc), the Internet with Mosaic and then Netscape in the early 90’s, and now the iPhone. Whether the original hardware/software continues to exist is minor. The total concept behind these products/services is what truly matters. They were able to change the way we thought about doing things. And as we all know there are always so many different ways to do anything. Very interesting times ahead.

Other thoughts:

1. Further growth of bankism in the Credit Union movement.
2. Greater demand for personal service (people tire of waiting for the machine).
3. The ripple effect of higher energy prices and the election of a new U.S. president.
4. More, not less, hype of self-apponted experts.
5. Less accountability leading to greater regulation.
6. Redefinitions of what our families look like.
7. Greater challenges against the politically correct.

Author: tinfoiling


2 thoughts on “The need for another holiday

  1. Right Gene! Your turn to book a tee time.

    Bang on with your iPhone summation. Real Internet in your pocket.

    (written from my new iPhone – I couldn’t help myself)

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