The miscellaneous of Christmas

Less than 2 weeks away from Christmas and too much left to do. Why would this year be any different from any other. The only people I have ever run into that are totally prepared for the Christmas holidays are the ones that leave for Europe or some warm place right about now.

We had a great Vancouver Blogger’s meetup last night. Interesting conversations with some of the most interesting people you could ever meet. It start’s at 7 and is usually over by 10 but it seems only 15 minutes long. We talked about how friends we know either get the social media/facebook/blogging/twitter thing or don’t. There just doesn’t seem to be a mid point, it is either or. Funny how that works.

Our oldest son Fleming and his wife came in yesterday from sunny and cold Saskatoon. It is great to have him home for the holidays. This is the first Christmas in 25 years that one of the family members won’t be with us (his brother lives in Copenhagen). It will be different but the excitement of seeing your kid(s) again is pretty powerful. Hopefully Santa will be generous to everyone.

A few weeks ago we got a PS3. Great gaming system. Never having been a gamer it was time to see what all the fuss over gaming was about and to put it bluntly it definitely has arrived. PS3 or Xbox, the hardware and newer software in producing the realism needed to absorb the gamer into this virtual world is there. And the pundits keeps saying that the games don’t use the full potential of the hardware.

Music. Listing to Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by RV Williams while driving to work today. It is on a CD called “Meditations for a Quiet Night“. The last few minutes of this piece are remarkable. This is a piece of music that evokes some strong emotions everytime you listen to it. On a lighter side the library had the Dandy Warhols – Welcome to the Monkey House in it’s rack. The CD cover was interesting, the music is pretty good. Original, melodic, and different.

Tomorrow night is the CUs Christmas Party at the Granville Island Hotel. There won’t be that many people attending but we should have fun. We’ll have a Wii setup (thanks to Forum Solutions for the idea in October) so hopefully there won’t be any serious sporting injuries.

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One thought on “The miscellaneous of Christmas

  1. I must say that having the Wii at the staff christmas party was a blast. I’m sure for some, names we will not mention sobered up a bit in the play. Now I see why they encourage you to use the strap on the controller…Gene you almost bought yourself a broker flat screen. I for one loved the tipsy bowling that Sara and I had going. It’s weird to think I bowl WAY better after a few drinks on the Wii than in real life. Next year I think I might branch out and try Tennis!!

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