Today I had bad service, real bad service. One tends to overlook if someone has a bad hair day but this was not good. First the call centre had a menu system (push 3 for…push 4 for….)with no human contact and it was very difficult to navigate. When you finally found the cave you needed to be in you end up waiting. But can’t they just put musak on? Do they have to try to sell me everything that the conceivably have to offer? How annoying can that be — “If they wait, we advertise!”– I hung up, couldn’t take it anymore. Finally found another way to talk to them and gave all the information on who I was and what I wanted. Couldn’t help me right now, please phone back in 5 minutes. So I waited and phoned back and what do I get? — Voicemail — Now this is getting irritating. Left the message and after waiting for over an hour phoned back again. Someone answered and said the person I wanted to talk to was on lunch. BANG! That was it. I re-iterated my request and asked if there was a problem. The next voice I hear is the person I originally talked to. Finally. But then she asks me to repeat everything she supposedly took down before. Nothing had been done. Moral of the story – find somewhere else to deal and let your feet speak.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Service

  1. ouch! My own blood pressure rose as I read your post. The other day, I needed to call Rogers to give them new c.card info for my payment. I’ve called them before, successfully. Not so much, this time! Suddenly, my telephone number has more than one account attached to it. (HUH??) Then, they carefully describe how to find the account number on the invoice, and asked me to type it in. I did so, then received the message that it was not a recognized account number. I listened to the instructions again, and a third time (yes, really). I do have, for the record, a university degree with mostly A’s, so I strongly suspect they were off, not me. Long and short: I got stuck in Roger’s telephone-loop-hell, and all I wanted to do was ensure they could bill me. I’m moving to VOIP!

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