What a week

Sometimes you get just one of those days where it seems the day begins and ends in one quick and sweeping motion. Then it begins again and again. Pretty soon it adds up to a week. It was busy for the 7 days and now I realize no blog entries or even time for writing. But summer seems to have arrived here on the West Coast and everything moves outside. So from the patio and thanks to wireless blogging gets to be easy.

My wife listens to CBC religiously every morning and has done so for years. From 6:00 am until we leave for work at 8:00 am every morsel of the Early Edition is taken in. On Tuesday Marjun went to help her class at a camping site. So I thought to break the habit, no CBC while she is gone. Then an e-mail arrives this morning from a colleague saying “it was great to hear you on CBC at 6:25 am this morning!” Aaaarghhhh… Tod Maffin had recorded some of the presentations at last week’s DemoCampVancouver and I guess I was a small bit of the 4 minutes he presented. So the one time I could have really shocked my wife passes. But maybe it’s a good thing. I would probably have been shaving and who knows how much damage a razor can make when one is startled.

The dollar is getting stronger and there is talk about an interest rate increase. Looks like the mortgage rates have already factored that in. Given the high cost of real estate in our area a few hikes are going to have a greater effect than in the past. That along with higher gas prices should start to have some effect. But people usually take some time to realize changes like this. Someone once told me that a long freight train will take a mile to stop. Our economy is very much like that. Whatever changes now takes some time to have any effect. It would seem that this time the effect will be much stronger than the past given the higher real estate debt more people are carrying.

Dates for BarCampSeattle have been set at July 21 and 22nd. This should be a very interesting event and from the list of people coming there is going to be some great stuff coming out of it. BarCamps are intense, sort of like the Olympics of Seminars. If you have never been to one it is well worth it. What did Jimi say “Are you Experienced?”


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