Went to the DemoCamp this evening and like Nancy twittered, half the blogging meet-up was there. It was enlightening to hear and meet so many people with a true passion for what they are doing. There was such a positive tone set with each presentation. And the questions to the presenters were quick and to the point. And it all happened in Gastown. Boris and Kris announced the next one will be July 7th with possibly a different format. Boris promised a write up of the event, something Rebecca has already done an excellent job of.

James Sherret, Vince Hodges and I had a quick discussion on managing ones cash flow by incorporating different accounts into one projection. We arrived at a similar ending, every finanical institution has some different gatekeeping method to make it almost impossible as a one-click method. Account aggregation is like the never ending story.

Author: tinfoiling


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