Home offices

This weekend was spent getting the basement prepared for painting and moving everything down into this new area for my desk and stuff. Of course everyone has a good idea on what they want their home office to look like but in the end there is a lot of give and take. The advantage of this new space is that it is out of the way and well lit. And it should be much cooler in the summer. Looks like I will need another gallon (whoops 3.67 litres) of paint to finnish the other side of this room.

On Saturday Fleming and I attended a 6 hour workshop at Lee Valley Tools on the Leigh jig. This is a tool, when used with a router, that will produce beautiful dovetail joints. We spent some time learning about the setup and had a little project to complete. To my amazement the project turned out beautifully. Woodworking is pretty good therapy, nothing like making something with your hands. The smell of fresh cut wood also helps!

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Home offices

  1. Gene,

    Your home office looks like mine, down to the same panelling. I didn’t know you were a carpenter, I, too, love the smell of wood. I would love to do carpentry, but every time I mention it, my husband reminds me that I am a clutz and he can’t stand the sight of blood. Oh well, next life.

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