Web 2.0 apps

There are some extremely interesting web applications that are surfacing daily. I have been trying ma.gnolia as a tagging process and find it a little different and maybe easier to use than del.icio.us. Ma.gnolia supports some applets that fit in with Camino which makes tagging a snap. Del.icio.us does the same thing on Safari.

Tagging is a concept that in simplest of terms is the next dimension for organizing. It goes beyond the classic bookmark idea. With tagging you can create a multi-dimensional view (mulitple tags) of any web page. And your tagging category name can be anything you choose. Ma.gnolia lets you use single words or phrases for tagging categories and you separate your tags by a comma. You could call tagging the web based concept for keywords. It then takes another step by allowing your to share your tags with others. These tags can then become part of a group which is just a networked method of sharing with others a common interested topic. You need to try it to appreciate how it works.

I can only guess at how this and other Web 2.0 applications will evolve. But the creativity that is being shown by so many sites is phenomonal.

Author: tinfoiling


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