The Olympics

Haven’t paid much attention other than the medal winnings of Canada. Funny that when we get a great womens hockey team that is head and shoulders above the competition, then someone wants to change the rules. Can anyone say summer Olympics – Mens basketball? The most interesting thing to date is the gold medal winner from Australia, mogul skier Dale Begg-Smith. One really can’t disagree with the view on this site. And it is very humorous that the Globe & Mail this week published a front page photo of this guy. Given they are a business oriented newspapers he probably cost most of their company business readers a lot of time and money.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “The Olympics

  1. He, somehow the malware aspect of his IT mogul-ness wasn’t mentioned in any of the US and Canadian coverage I’ve heard or seen.

    I don’t know if it warrants an IOC investigation like the guy writes, but it does raise an unpleasant smell around him rather than the “money doesn’t smell” tone there’s been so far.

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