Style and pleats

There is a ongoing discussion on Darren’s site on pleats. Seems most don’t like them. Must be the times we live in because everyone’s kids will probably like them. Style always seems to go in a cycle. The problem is that the style that you first grew up with was usually made much better. My grade 2 teacher always said it didn’t matter what anyone wore as long as it was clean. Everyone needs a good mechanic, a good dentist, a good barber, and a good tailor.

After a phone call to the US Consulate to find out what my mother-in-law (Danish) and my wife (also Danish but a landed immigrant here in Canada) needed to spend 3 days in Washington state, we decided it wasn’t worth the headache to visit the land of the free. I have never heard of supplying a bank statement and a day by day intinerary of your visit to name a few of the conditions. Boy it is getting a little strange. What was that Door’s song – Strange Days? Just the melody speaks of how you feel after you hear of their conditions for a visit. Anyway we decided to head up to Powell River and take the trip over to Texada Island. Never been there so it will be more like an adventure. I mean how can you get lost when the only way back is by ferry?

Author: tinfoiling


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