Home again

Got home Friday from the beach. The solitude for 3 days was refreshing. It is very interesting when you are completely by yourself and your days evolve to eating when you are hungry, sleeping when you are tired, reading and writing when you feel like it and spending time with your feet in the saltwater listening to the surf roll in. There is just something about salt water, tides and the clean fresh air.

I am just finnishing a book by Don Watson called Gobbledygook. This should be required ready for anybody in management or going to school to earn a business degree. Amazingly Margaret Wente wrote a column in Saturday’s Globe & Mail about the book in which I had to agree with her (probably the first time). Here’s an interesting quote from the book:

Businesses can be forgiven their neologisms, but not their technocratic sludge. If they can find the means to downsize, prioritize, and implement quality function deployment they can find better words to describe what they are doing. Their failure becomes most acute when they try to bend the language into an instrument of persuasion. The fact is, of course, it can’t be bent. It is incapable of carrying mood or emotion. It can neither admonish or praise.

Yup, sometimes spin is spin and the shit of a bull is just that, bullshit. (please pardon the unsophisticated term but it does carry the mood).

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