Texada Island

We drove up to Powell River and then took the ferry across to Texada Island. It was the first time for me but Marjun and my mother-in-law had spent the summer there in 1957. The first thing they noticed was the paved roads. It certainly is not your typical Gulf Island. Large and not a lot of people. You sometimes feel that Saltspring, Gibsons, Sechelt, and other vacation spots really bring out the Coney Island feel in the summer. Texada is just laid back and natural. We spent the night at The Retreat just south of Gillies Bay. It was plain, simple and just what we wanted. We saw more small deer that cats or dogs. The Tree Frog restaurant at Gillies Bay is excellent, as good as any place I’ve eaten recently. We went fishing at Bob’s Lake after getting a little lost the day before trying to find it and end up at Shingle Beach. If you want a quiet, rustic and not-a-lot-of-people type holiday this is the place. We certainly think it was worth the ferry rides and drive.

Author: tinfoiling


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