The beach

This should have been my view today but there always seems a ton of stuff to get done. Canadian Tire, the Library, fill up the propane tanks, and before you know it the day is done. Tomorrow at this time I will be enjoying this view.

The plants outside needed a huge watering today. The leaves on a number of trees are turning yellow and falling off. It does look like the heat is taking its toll.

The news about the Cheakamaus River and the recent chemical spill by a railway car is probably the sickest news I have heard in a long time. They say 95% of the fish stock in the river was killed. This month the Pinks were to come back and there were signs that the run was just starting. If the river hasn’t cleaned itself enough what will happen to that run? If there is a time that someone should pay, be it CN or some other corporate environmental misfit it is now. If a private citizen lets a litre of bleach spill into a fish bearing creek the repercussions are serious. The same must hold true of corporations that create similar problems but in a much larger scale. What is this going to cost us? What damage will be done that cannot be repaired? What ever happened to a watchful eye on the commons that belong to us all?

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