Blogs…by definition

This morning on the way to work I was considering exactly what a blog is and what types there are and why they are being read. There are various categories (here we go–the development of a program to categorize all the blogs out there!) that you tend to read regularily. I have about 15 technical web pages/blogs that are read each day, then a group of blogs from bloggers that I have met or have contact with from Northern Voice, then a group that are GTD specific, then the last large group of various bloggers who are interesting. Some of these I may have met at Gnomedex. All the groups are setup as tabbled bookmarks in Safari.

A blogger doesn’t have to blog everyday. There are some that are so interesting that you go back for a few months even if they haven’t updated. At about the 3rd month I move them over to a inactive blog list. The key ingredients for a readable blog seem to be pertinent information and/or a personable writing style that is honest and usually insightful. I may not agree with them but I understand their position.

A good blog is like a good letter to the editor. Our household reads the Globe and Mails letters to the editors everyday and they make up some interesting dinner table discussions. A good blog seems to follow the same idea.

Some blogs are not that great. They should defined as linklists. Lots of links to other places but no opinion about what the link is or what they really think of it. You know the kind:

Here is a great site you cant miss…lots of neat stuff.

There is usually about 10 of these neat sites listed. You gotta think what is THIS all about?

Blog lists are cconstantly being edited with more added and a few being culled. There isn’t much you can’t find now with the likes of Technorati. But everyone knew that already, right?

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