Binge Watching

• Recently watched a few series completely. It goes beyond watching movies with the following sequels. Given the characters remain the same you can see them age over the years and as their storied character ages the actors physically do. It does seem a bit strange to view the 8 year aging process in a week of viewing. 

• Noticed the gardenias looked like they were beginning to form buds and a few days ago it sounded like a robin (thrush) outside. Now the rest of Canada can celebrate that spring is around the corner for us or be cynical towards us wimpy west coasters.

• Need to sell my bike rack (Thule Helum Aero 2-bike) which has hardly been used. Got me to thinking just how much ‘stuff’ can one accumulate before you start throwing it out or reselling? Does everyone have an optimal level?

Author: tinfoiling


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