“They believe that it is not the word of Jesus itself that they wish to evade, but that too much of what comes between them and Jesus is merely human, institutional, or doctrinaire.”

— The Bonhoeffer Reader by Clifford J. Green

What is believing?
What hinders believing?

What becomes a hindrance to believing is

  • what we humanly create,
  • what we build in some sort of structure to seemingly make it work better
  • what can’t be challenged because we think it true.

Humanely what we try to explain may be limited and based on an experience that others haven’t had or shared.

The institution is so much more and totally complicated to be relevant to anything smaller and specific. It gets lost in the tangling and messy ball of twine. Rules and regulations, no exceptions, all rules.

Nothing can bend because what we believe is rigid.


Author: tinfoiling


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