Retweeting – is it necessary?

Interesting that on Mastodon retweeting or rePublishing some else’s tweet/post is not allowed. That is probably one of the most refreshing parts of Mastodon, that there isn’t an endless number of retweets by people you follow.

Was just following a Twitter thread on this discussion and thought to look at those that disagree with this stance by Mastodon. It does seem those that want to retweet do it a lot, I mean quite a bit. And if you have thousands of followers what is this doing to the platform? Mastodon actually forces you to write and create some original content. Now isn’t that unique?

For those that want to retweet or republish (feels like translating a language here) create a blog, and paste your links and then tell us where we can find this wonderful list that isn’t creating a torrent of dismal information. 

There is a bit of a controversy about some people being expelled from a Mastodon server recently. So many went off on a tangent about it. Maybe they should have read the large modal button that came with the expelling notice. APPEAL. You are allowed to appeal the ruling. Think of it as getting a traffic ticket. The police ask you if you are speeding. If you say you didn’t then you can appeal when you get to court. You don’t use public opinion to exonerate your behaviour. Interesting that by the end of the day an apology came, with a reason, and the person was reinstated.I wonder if Mr. Musk has ever done that.

Twitter has made us lazy. Everything condensed into 254 (hope that is the number) characters. Add a colourful graphic and that is the limit of any dialogue or debate. Twitter has had its time and place and it still does for certain functions. We need to evolve our social media usage and maybe this is now going to happen.





Author: tinfoiling


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