What is happening to blogging?

Besides myself there are a lot of blogs that are in hibernation at this point. It seems strange but a diet of Twitter seems to have evaporated the desire to write. Taking the bit of thought of many people seems easier than spending time following someone’s complete train of thought on a subject. Are we becoming enamored by small bits of text in a quick series? This will date me but I remember the show Laugh-In. What made is so unique and unusual was the shortness of each film clip. It made a huge impact and had the effect that a one room TV scene became almost obsolete. MTV hit us with even shorter clips to  coincide with each drum beat of music. Now Twitter seems to be the snippet induced mind candy. Yesterday was my 3rd anniversary of Twittering and there has been a evolution in usage and acceptance. At the start was the challenge of how long it would continue, just like blogging and email. The answer probably will always be whatever technology or system we use will continue as long as it is relevant to those that use it. Maybe for some of us we just need to write more.

Author: tinfoiling


2 thoughts on “What is happening to blogging?

  1. I’m sure you had some good points in this post. But I lost attention after the 140th character.

    But seriously, I think it’s all about attention. Attention is a finite resource, and the number of things (blogs, Twitter, job, etc.) asking for our attention is simply increasing, it’s proliferating wildly.

    So we have to make decisions — more frequently, and with less information — about what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

    I will say this, though: If you write more, I will pay attention.

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