Valentine’s Day – Chinese New Year – 3rd day of the Olympics

All the Nikon equipment is getting ready and charged up for the trek downtown. There should be a huge crowd in Vancouver today as the sun is shining and it is a typical winter (but really early spring) day here. Looking outside you begin to think ‘Lawnmover’. This is Canada as was expressed during the opening Olympic ceremonies. Of the 5 of us traveling downtown 2 are born in Canada, 1 is born in Canada but is Irish, another is born in Germany and Canadian and one is born in Denmark and is still Danish. Even amongst one’s friends and relatives you can’t be removed from the Canadian multiculturalism. There is something special about that and I think we finally have told the world we aren’t afraid of celebrating who we are. So Gung Ho Fat Choy 恭 喜 發 財, Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great Olympics, eh?

Author: tinfoiling


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