First day back

I was off for a few weeks with the family at Christmas. Got to work early to get things and order and that was the first mistake. You never really learn do you. Those 2 weeks or so mean that when you arrive you actually have 2 weeks or so of stuff that needs to get caught up. It doesn’t matter when you come in there is enough there for more than those 2 extra hours. The really neat part of coming back is all the people that need to see you right now and after you talk to them a bit you wonder why they have come to this conclusion. There are so many adept people here you really didn’t need to talk to me. Is it a gender thing or what?

The snow is melting which is a real blessing to my back, arms and legs. The neighbour next door had to start using our snow shovel as he broke his. That is what happens when you have to shovel every single falling snow flake. Great guy but his sidewalks and driveway were just too clean. On the other side this neighbour did the easiest thing, minimal snow removal as they headed south for the holidays. He maybe shoveled 3 times. Toro used to sell small electric snowblowers years ago. If there is a Father’s day present in sight it will be something like that.

Next up seeing if there is something coming out of Macworld that will make life simpler. Doesn’t seem like anything important except the myriad of upgrades. It would be much better to sometimes just fix certain things so they work instead of giving us upgrades. But then I could be using a PC.

Author: tinfoiling


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