On the 13th day of a Christmas holiday

It is interesting to take a holiday from work. Most people need the break, some more than others. The problem always seems to be how long does it take to dis-engage from that work cycle. Invariably you tend to ‘dabble’ in a few things about work even when you are supposed to be on holidays. Your spouse will quickly remind you of any dabbling that you do. There just happens to be this demand or driving force to just get that last thing done or to find out about something that may have happened at work. This holiday was not be one of dis-engagement but it has a different quality by being with the kids.

It seems the better (read dis-engaged) holidays have always had the following points.

  • physically moving yourself to another geographic area at least in another time zone. The more times zones the better.
  • having a strong focus on what you plan to do i.e. golf. That may mean you don’t take your wife along. That presents another problem of dis-engagement.
  • removing any ability to contact you either via phone or Internet. Postal mail is ok.
  • defining the holiday by the number of postcards you send or at least buying the postcard but not having sent them. They sometimes make the best pictures of your visit.
  • your ability to finish at least 2 of the books you wanted to. You probably took 5 with you.
  • the number of times you forgot to shave (or brush your teeth).
  • having your meals at  times you would not normally have a meal. Nothing like having supper at 9:00 p.m.

This Christmas I had a few weeks off to be at home with the family. There wasn’t much we did due to the snow and weather. There was stuff that was work related. It was still a good holiday.

Author: tinfoiling


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