Why we do the things we do

Every single day we take a lot of things for granted. What we have eaten, our homes, our vehicles, what we do for a living, everything that makes up our ordinary lives. We just consider most of what we have as similar to everyone else. Just your typical ordinary person living a pretty unexciting life.

We continue in this realm with our family, friends, acquaintances and people we work with. We take the good days with the bad days and have a basic enjoyment of existence. Then we sometimes doubt what we are doing and think we need some authenticity in our existence. We look at life from our own viewpoint and neglect to consider that everyone around us has a unique and different viewpoint, not exactly our own. Life goes on.

I have always had a strong religious belief and don’t attempt to proselytize anyone. A key condition of each person is their free will and no one should be above trying to diminish that aspect of anyone’s life. That is theirs and theirs alone. We establish our own ‘moral compass’ from what we believe, how we think and sometimes how we were brought up. It has been important for me to pay attention to this though most of the time it becomes the most neglected. You tend to be viewed by what you do, not what you think or believe.

The recent Gonzo banker award has brought out some very kind remarks by people who I have the highest regard for. When your peers make the most positive statements about you, well you just are a little overwhelmed. It is something we don’t hear very often and I for one am guilty of not telling others what a positive influence they have been in my life. Sure we have our ups and downs and we all get those bad hair days. That’s life. We really need to seek to understand and voice those unique qualities we see in others. We really need to make sure that we tell that to them. It’s a quality of human existence that makes life really worth living. My deepest appreciation to all of you.

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