When was the last time you bought some local art?

The holiday season is upon us and being busy just seems to appear. With only a few weeks left I am sure most of us won’t complete what we had planned for the festive season. Drove down to the Drive to get Christmas cards and also picked up a great picture by a local artist, It is an acrylic done from a picture taken in the early 60’s in downtown Vancouver. The gallery owner had a great display of local artists but we agreed that Vancouver is still in its infancy when it comes to supporting local artists. That really is a definition of a world class city, when it has a strong and vibrant artistic community that is supported and appreciated by a majority of its citizens. We give a lot of small talk about being ‘partons of the arts’ but just ask yourself how much local art decorates the walls of your residence?
Art is in the eye of the beholder but there seems to be a tendency to follow what is in vogue rather than enjoy and develop the art that you appreciate. How many Robert Bateman prints have you seen in your lifetime? Not that Bateman prints are not art, it just seems there are probably pieces that anyone would enjoy more if they spent the time to look for something more inclined to their personality. Here is the hitch — it may cost you a little more. You can look at it this way though, you are supporting someone locally who probably is still in the starving artist category (that’s why you can afford their paintings) and when you do get something you really like you will never tire of it. Art that you appreciate always holds that value of never getting boring. Pictures I have had for 30 years still allow me to sit and ‘drink in’ all those reasons why I still continue to enjoy the picture.

Author: tinfoiling


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