Boy did we have fun yesterday

It started out with a bad weather forecast for our area. They had been talking about this Pacific storm coming in with rain and high winds from the south west. That usually means a lot of water. In B.C. and the Pacific Northwest you have a number of definitions for rain. Some of them are: Looks a little gray, drizzle, showers, intermittent showers, rain, it’s pouring, it’s coming down.… can gauge how bad it is by how someone defines the rain. Yesterday we were all waiting for it to pour.

We got everything ready and then the members came. We had over 180 people come to our celebration of International Credit Union Day. That represents about 10% of our membership. In fact we ran out of hamburgers and had to head up and get more. We put together a video on YouTube so you can see some of what happened.

Every year, after its over, you sit back and wonder how it went. This year was pretty special. We purposely asked the members what they liked about the credit union and what they wanted changed. We took a video of it all and last night when I was editing the clips it struck me. We are doing a good job but we never really ask and hear directly from the members. This ia a real testimony that all the staff can see. Members really do like us. There is a community and social aspect of who we are. There are a few clips that I will put together for a future download. The one with Earl Lehman speaks of being an owner. It is one we need to watch occasionally. It’s a good reminder.

Author: tinfoiling


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