What I like about marketing

Most of the time advertising is irksome. I mean it just gets into your face, into your head, into your space just when you want nothing to be there. Could some company ever try to sell you something exactly when you need/want it?
Then there are some companies that when you see their name you look further and want to see what they are saying. Three come to mind – Volkswagen, Apple and Audi. Volkswagen because they had one of the best print ads ever (remember all that white space, a logo and the bug?). Apple because well I’ve had an Apple computer since 1979 and they are just neat and work the way you want (even when it was a CLI). Then there is Audi (What is with German cars anyway?). This morning the Globe and Mail had an insert, a large fold out in black, very little print and their new sports model. All I can remember is 425 horsepower 8 cylinder and a picture of the car. That was more than enough.

Simplicity seems to be the key. A focused message. Nothing busy. It works for me. And that is why I don’t have TV, just can’t stand the commercials. They are like a ball bearing rolling around in my brain.

volkswagen - Google Image Search.jpg

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5 thoughts on “What I like about marketing

  1. I have been told and I will remember. I have been told and I will remember. I have been told and I will remember. I have been told and I will remember. I have been told and I will remember. I have been told and I will remember.

  2. We were just talking about this at lunch time. I give Clayton a bad time because he only buys VW (he is South African so I harass him about being another German car buying foreigner). But you cannot dispute their design is off the charts.

    Our conversation sprung from my recent post over at CUHype calledBrand Awareness and Dead Animals about how effective “Marketing” can be versus advertising (thanks Ron). It is a neat example about how much we absorb from our environment. It is set up as a tongue in cheek example, but it is very relevant.

    Not only do the Audi, VW and Apple ads educate about their products and stick to their brand, they also reinforce the perception of the high quality of their products. Their ads scream “We focus on comfort, quality and design”. Their ads are designed in the very same way. They give you the information that you need (not a bunch of tech specs that only gear heads want) and focus on the emotion of the purchase. Their ads make you want the product. They also aren’t afraid to deliver their message in easy to swallow chunks over several ads pieces. They carry on a conversation with their customers through regular and consistent marketing.

    And I remember when VWs were considered a cheap car for students. Now grown men are driving them (sorry Clayton).

  3. I just replied to that post – how funny.

    So no one has to do any extra work, this is what I said –

    Oh my GOD!

    You guys are killing me! I thought it was only Clayton’s VW that fell to pieces! He also gets the same level of service at the dealership – which is none at all.

    I drive a Toyota Tundra and my wife drive a Honda Passport. But I also have a 66 mustang and used to drive Chevy exclusively ( I was a bit into muscle cars). None of the Toyotas I have owned have ever had problems. Even the one I bought from the junk yard for $100 ran great save replacing the gear oil every 400 miles.

    I bought my truck from the same dealership as Clayton bought his Passat. The Honda, Toyota and VW dealerships are all owned by the same family and they are all next to each other. I get great service (though no free car washes). All Clayton get is excuses.

    And even though he has all these troubles – he is convinced that VW is the superior product. How is that for brand loyalty?

    Plus, their ads look snazzy 🙂

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