The upcoming International Credit Union Day October 18, 2007

I was thinking about this at the recent Symposium in Indianapolis so on the way home stopped at an electronics store and bought the easiest to use Sony camcorder I could find. I want to start talking to the staff about getting video clips especially for the upcoming CU Day October 18th. We have a day long event with a BBQ inviting the membership and community to come out and help us celebrate. I think it would be great to post those video clips to YouTube with appropriate tags to be viewed by everyone. I would love to get Fred to talk about the first loan our credit union gave out (he got it to buy a cow) . Think about it if we could get the word out and those with the gumption step up to the plate we could have a number of clips from all over the world of events and messages about that day, about us, about the members, etc. etc. Doesn’t take much effort, doesn’t need to be controlled by those that think in those terms, and would be great to see.

So when is it International Bankers Day anyway?

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3 thoughts on “The upcoming International Credit Union Day October 18, 2007

  1. Gene –

    It was great to meet you in Indianapolis last week! Your idea about video and ICU Day at Mt Lehman is terrific. We’re looking at ways to get into the video medium here in NC as well.

    Love the story about the cow, and hope you’ll post it for us if the member is available to speak with you.

    Happy Thanksgiving (+1 day)

  2. Our company (we provide card processing and reporting solutions to CUs) is celebrating International Credit Union Day by offering a free breakfast to all employees. I just got back from a big helping of eggs, bacon and hash browns. 🙂

    In regards to your idea about capturing videos of employees and members, I think its great. I love seeing and hearing about all of these different CUs forging ahead into the Web 2.0 space. From what I understand, the CU industry is built on camaraderie and sharing and things like blogging, posting videos and sharing experiences with others across the globe just seems like a natural extension for CUs.

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