Hardware and the upgrade process

We are moving our banking server to a Linux system with a new Dell server. It is very surprising to see what you can buy now as compared to just a few years ago. One looks forward, thinks of how things could be in two years, and when the two years arrive you still can’t believe the forward progress. Which brings me to this point. Are we using the potential of the hardware we have available today? Everytime there is a hardware jump it takes time for the software to catch up to it’s potential. With the release of the new Macs this week we quickly upgraded some older machines, not to the new ones, but to the ones the retailers just dropped the prices on. The savings are pretty good (except our provincial government now has an environmental surcharge attached) and depending on what is needed you can usually fill the need fairly easily. The server is a different story. We need the CPU power in order to get the work done in a quicker fashion. What it again boils down to is the user. What they need vs what they want. Funny how that objective vs subjective view seems to become apparent so often.


Author: tinfoiling


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