There go the credit union assets

I usually try to be around the front door when the credit union closes. Though I am of no use in balancing the MSR’s there are usually some other tasks that need to be taken care of. And everyone gets to chat a bit about how the day went, who the good members were, what unique events happened and generally just try to wind down a bit before heading home.

As the staff leave I am reminded of what someone told me about their company at a similar time. He said he usually looks out at the parking lot as the staff leaves and thinks “There goes the company’s assets”. And he is right. The thought crosses my mind more often than nought that as the staff leave so goes the credit union assets. We wouldn’t be close to being the credit union we are without those people. They are the living and breathing assets that give the face to this institution. And without them we would not exist. By the way Mt. Lehman Credit Union’s 65th birthday was on Monday August 6th. Funny none of that staff looked at all like 65!

Author: tinfoiling


3 thoughts on “There go the credit union assets

  1. Good for you!

    Your recognition of the contibution of your team members is refreshing. Too many employers overlook their employees as “human resources” rather than the assets that they are.

    I am sure that they feel appreciated and that feeling is passed to the members in the form of exceptional service.

    Here is a slap on the back for being the right kind of leader.

  2. Thank you Tony. I sure would like to hear from individuals who don’t consider employees as assets. In today’s “relationship” era it would seem irreconcilable to think employees as ‘human resources’.

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