It is getting a little scary right now with the weather. You know the rain is coming, you can expect to no longer see the sun for a few days or weeks and yet everyday it is just beautiful. This is so un-Vancouver like.

So the Omni people are going to produce a GTD program called OmniFocus.
Given the success of their programs OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle they will have a winner. GTD has really taken off and it has some defnite merits. The basic concepts of one in box, sorting into next actions and the 43 folders idea are very worthwhile. Has it helped get things done? Yes. Does it always work? No and anyone that says it does, well does anyone have that much self-discipline.

Sometimes you get an album, CD, whatever and play it a couple of dozen times and that is it. Memory bin. In April I picked up the new Calexico – Garden Ruin. I am still listening to it. My play count is double digits, possibly closing in on 3 digits. Absolutely a first class musical session with variations of Mexican-alternative-rock music. We saw them live a few months ago. High energy musicians that have the complete passion for good music.

Today I was downtown spending most of the day looking a a new banking system. Summit iSpectrum is a great product built right. The big question though is at what price$?

The picture is of Thornton Park and what used to be the CN train station. They were putting up some large stage platform there on Sunday. Looked like another movie shot was about to happen.

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