Seems that when one takes a longer holiday it also takes longer to get back into some sort of cycle that you are comfortable with. You expect it to just happen within a few days of work but you have gotten so used to holidays you can’t escape that mode overnight. Why are we such creatures of habit?

Mac Powerbook shutdowns. There has been some information on these and it has been stated that it is the Intel MacPro but recently I have had a number of sudden shutdowns. The only way to start up again has been to disconnect the battery, push the start button to drain all power, insert the battery and startup. This would suggest an OS problem, right?

Jan Karsbjerg has some info on Wednesday’s Weblogger Meetup. Always want to get to one but never can fit it in.

This is a picture of a small village just east of the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. It is called Ballintoy. It is one of those wonderful small places, just off the beaten track, that make travelling in Europe such a surprise and a delight.

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