I am reading ‘The Stewardship of Life in the Kingdom of Death’ by Douglas John Hall. In it he writes:

‘It is the same with our conceptualizing of the totality the whole of reality. We can give so much loyalty to our own intellectual-spritual pre-understanding of the world that the world as it acutually is has a hard time getting through to us. In fact, we use our ideas about the world to shield ourselves from the real world.’

This seems to be the normal behaviour of most. By our pre-defining the world, and to such a large extent as we grow older this pre-definition grows, we loose sight of what that real world is. Is that why when we encounter a 4 year old we are overwhelmed by the innocence and wonderful view of the world that they have to offer? That they have yet to define it and as such can just see the world through a fresh set of eyes? After reading this I can see the challenge of constant re-definitions or even getting to the point of existing at times without any definitions. We also seem to create ideas that perform their duty to keep reality at bay.

There is a word that is becoming popular these days – lenses. That says something about the way we view things.

Have a blessed Easter!

Author: tinfoiling


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