A hockey game

Tonight it is off to the hockey game against the Ducks. It seems they are going to have to win the next games in order to make the playoffs. When you have grown up here you take your sports seriously at times but tend not to go overboard. Why? Because Vancouver teams always tend to disappoint the fans (BC Lions, Grizzlies, need more be said?). Tonight could be a very good game with Burke and Carlyle there. The biggest surprise may be the grin on their faces if they win.

And Mikelson wins the Masters. Another point for us lefthanders. Someone I know had Mikelson’s as their pick in a pool at their golf club. The win will probably be worth $800 for him. Mikelson wins $1.25 million or so.

I am reading Douglas Adams – The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Is this book funny. There is some unique humour here that just makes you laugh out loud. Imagine Thor the god of thunder being glued to the floor by his father Odin and asking a woman for help in removing the floor pieces from his back. See— you really are going to have to read it to understand this plot.

Income tax filed. Refund coming back. Thought I would owe them money this year so hesitated doing the return. Was wrong. They have had my money and now it needs to come back. But if you do the return early and owe them money then you just stress out that they are owed more. In the final analysis if it has anything to do with taxes it just is going to be an annoyance you have to live with.

Author: tinfoiling


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