Summer already?

I just finished a blog entry and lost it when trying the spell checker. Sometimes you forget what a word processor should be used for.

Our 3 hanging baskets are growing like weeds. We never had trouble growing weeds before just growing flowers. This year we purchased 2 shady and 1 sunny moss type hanging baskets. They need water everyday but they really are much better than the manufactured plastic pail fuschia buckets. The buckets seems to last all of 2 weeks before the flowers start dropping off. It pays to get something so you can enjoy it ALL summer.

Supper time. What to make? It really doesn’t matter because the younger set in the household will always prepare their late afternoon snack at the same time you make supper because they are starving and probably won’t make it to the mealtime which is only 45 minutes away. Funny how the definition of starving has changed over the years.

Author: tinfoiling


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