Public Transit

Yesterday I took the Skytrain and bus down to BC Central (South-west end of the Burrard Street bridge) instead of driving through the nightmare on Broadway. With 12th closed between Nanaimo and Fraser, Broadway is a parking lot.

The trip was enjoyable. Of course there was the solicitation for change and the standing due to no seats but you could really feel part of the city that you don’t when you are stuck in traffic in a car. And the people were so varied and different. It is a pretty remarkable system to get from A to B. The only complaint was the Skytrain. Why don’t people at least make an effort to move away from the doors so that people can get off the Skytrain instead of standing in front of the door when it opens? You are forced to push through with all the grace of a 300 pound gorilla just to disembark. A big suitcase would be handy to use as a wedge to get through the crowd.

Author: tinfoiling


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