The evaporation of some of the closed gardens

Sometimes you need to upgrade hardware but always seem to be waiting for “the next best thing”. You eventually realize that the beachballing, the crashes, and the amount of time everything is taking needs to stop. It gets as frustrating as driving in rush hour. The new hardware comes and Voila! your speed returns and you enter a new domain.

Over the decades of new machines there is always these leapfrogging events. The software needs new hardware, then the hardware is so good the software has to catch up. I believe we are in the phase of excellent hardware and the dawn of some interesting new software. But now there is an added dimension of what the cloud will bring. 

Having a classy blog is so easy, editing graphics and videos is a snap, having a domain name and email server is available, all those things you wished for are there at a the end of your keyboard. As the huge tech processors (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) show their insatiable appetite for growth and greed we now have a choice. Call it reviewing your moral compass. You can have feeds without someone else’s algorithm dictating what you should see. You can easily post material through various avenues. There is a cost that you have to pay for entry but it seems very small to be able to keep your brain situated in the healthy spaces it needs.

The great thing about computers is you really can’t break them. If it doesn’t work for some reason it can be fixed. So experiment, that is what they do best and relay your ideas to the the people that offer the service or write the program. It is the seeding of those ideas, the wisdom of crowds, that makes things better. The good guys will always get back to you. The closed gardens have shown us they only work to specifics that we all won’t agree upon.