BarCampBankBC 2008 is over

It was a pretty incredible weekend with my brain aching a bit. William Azaroff and Tim McAlpine are to be congratulated for doing a ton of work to get this going. We had a lot of fun preparing and were a little nervous about the things that one does not need to worry about. It all went very well.

When I think about all the different BarCampBanks I have attended, what was the difference with this one? In some ways it was the same. The quality of the dialogue, the energy and passion made by people attending, the challenges served and accepted, what we talked about and what was shared. I was able to get some videos of people who had never attended an event like this. The first one is up on YouTube, Cheryl Doerksen from Currency. This is the usual reaction, excitement about something they had no idea about. It is pretty neat to be able to see this over and over again. You can find more searching YouTube with the tag bcbbc08