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I have 3 invitations available for Joost. If you want one just let me know.

I came across this Web 2.0 application called Jott. You call a number and leave up to a 30 second audio message. This message then gets transcribed and sent to an e-mail address of your choice. All messages also go to a site where, once you sign in, you can see and hear the audio message. This is perfect for those moments when something comes to mind that it is impossible to write down (like when you are driving your car). But there is much more. You need to visit the site.


Our son (Basco5 — no we didn’t name him that) recently started a project with Mentos. They are producing a 12 x 12 billboard at the Burrard Skytrain Station. He should be having fun as it is completely legal. Wheatpasting may be a thing of the past. Looks like he made the frontpage of one of the local Vancouver free tabloids, 24 Hours.

TechCrunch has some interesting thoughts on YouTube. It seems everyone is onto them about copyright infringing and yet there are a number of sites that offer copyrighted TV shows. It is because YouTube is mainstream i.e. owned by Google?

The Mozilla group are in the midst of creating a social web browser called the Coop. Similar to the Flock, the concept is that your favourites, be they blogs, website, photos, etc. would be socially networked through the features of this browser. It will be interesting to see were this goes. The concept of social networking is picking up ground.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is discussed in a recent Atlantic Monthly article – “The Web 2.0 Bubble” by Michael Hirschorn. He talks at length about MySpace and Facebook and tends to make the statement that Web 2.0 = social networking. Sure the big guys are trying to grab a piece of the Web 2.0 hype but probably for all the wrong reasons. Networks and links, groups and friends, exist because we are social animals, plain and simple, and when technology allows us to do this easily and without taking public transit then we will avail ourselves of the gift. It is not a bubble just another evolution of what is happening on the web.

The key question is what is it moving into? Where is this taking us this time? There are endless resources now available that take a huge amount of time to just keep up with. Techcrunch for example. This is a great site that keeps volumes of information available to view what is being released. The complexity of what is offerred continues to be amazing. What we thought impossible 10 years ago is a reality. But is seems that everyone is racing to get the magic app on the web. They want to be the next Flickr, Technorati, or del.icio.us. Is this that what the churn is about? To get an app ready for the big sale? Probably, but in the meantime we mere mortals are awash in a techcircus that delivers entertainment and awe to those that remember lesser days.