Our son (Basco5 — no we didn’t name him that) recently started a project with Mentos. They are producing a 12 x 12 billboard at the Burrard Skytrain Station. He should be having fun as it is completely legal. Wheatpasting may be a thing of the past. Looks like he made the frontpage of one of the local Vancouver free tabloids, 24 Hours.

TechCrunch has some interesting thoughts on YouTube. It seems everyone is onto them about copyright infringing and yet there are a number of sites that offer copyrighted TV shows. It is because YouTube is mainstream i.e. owned by Google?

The Mozilla group are in the midst of creating a social web browser called the Coop. Similar to the Flock, the concept is that your favourites, be they blogs, website, photos, etc. would be socially networked through the features of this browser. It will be interesting to see were this goes. The concept of social networking is picking up ground.

Author: tinfoiling


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