Two rainbows, two eagles and a coyote

I work in Mt Lehman (Abbotsford) but live in Burnaby (Burnaby Mountain). The commute is exacly 50 km door to door. Sometimes people wonder if it isn’t too much. Sometimes you think it is (40 minutes) but it usually takes 30 minutes to go anywhere in town. There are only a few lights and stop signs on the way so it is steady driving.

But today on the way to work it was pretty unique. The total by the time I got to work I was able to see 2 rainbows, 2 bald headed eagles, 1 coyote and amazing views of Golden Ears and Mount Baker at sunrise. It does not get any better. It seemingly rains forever and the first bright day of sunshine nature makes such a wonderful statement. Later in the day after lunch I noticed this eagle in the tree from my office window and managed to get this quick shot. At the end of the day the sunset turned Mount Baker pink. The sun really brought out the best in everything today.