A Monday in February

Today was my day off so headed to the barber (or do they call them hair stylist’s these days). I mentioned my trip to Europe next month and he said “you know we should cut your hair shorter.” I trust the guy and said ok. Now without my glasses I can’t really see what he is doing but I am hearing the buzzing haircutter as it chomps away quite a bit of hair. A little worried I keep my mouth shut remembering to trust the guy. After it is all over and I get my glasses back – it doesn’t look bad. And when I pick my wife up from work she is delighted. So it worked.

The PVR had the Super Bowl taped on it so this afternoon I would get to watch it. I kept away from the papers, radio and TV but yesterday the Twitter group gave it away so I had a clue as to how it would end. (Note to self: turn off Twitteriffic next time) But with all the darn commercials the program didn’t tape the last 7 minutes. Subesquent reading of the sports page then clues me in on how the Giants won. AARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Moral of these stories – trust your barber before you trust your PVR.


The Canucks won tonight with a shutout. The first period was one of the fastest I have ever seen. There were only 2 whistles by the 14 minute mark. They looked very, very crisp. The second period was viewed from the Telus suite’s 32 inch large monitor. Somehow we ended up there and thankfully there were no goals. The last period wasn’t as fast as the first but it was chippy. Cooke is like a maniac on the ice the way he hits people sometimes. Good hockey, well great hockey, when your team wins.