William, Tim and I had a conference call a few weeks back to discuss having another BarCampBank in B.C. Now when you are dealing with these two individuals you do not sit in the front seat, you sit in the back. They either do the driving or give the directions. Your job is just to make sure anything they have forgotten is mentioned or to jump in to volunteer to do something if it is something they can’t do. They really are two guys with extreme amounts of energy and vision. 

What will the next Canadian west coast BarCampBank hold? This will be my fifth BarCampBank and as all our totally different you can never know. You hope that there will be a few people who have never attended because the enthusiasm they show seems to drive a lot of the energy of the function. You hope that people come without any preconceived ideas about what will happen. You know that you will meet up with people who have read your blog or who are twittering who you have never met before. The key point is the people. Sure there is always what is discussed and what issues were raised but it is always the people who come to mind when you think about what has happened before. To me that is the strongest point of BarCampBanks. 

BCBBC2 is going to be different from all the rest. Above my desk at home is a picture of 6 gentleman from Texas sitting around a restaurant table. This is what I remember most about BarCampBankDallas last year. There are still 4 of them in Texas, one has moved to San Francisco, the other New York. I still hear regularly about events in their lives from their blogs or Twitter. Someday I hope to meet them all again. It really was the BarCampBank that created that connection. It is always an amazing experience when you think about it. Social media is what we all talk about but really the people behind the messages are what is important.

Start of the weekend

Just waiting for Mr. McAlpine to pick me up with all the gear for the BCBBC. Hope it is all there. We will probably run out of buttons and T-shirts.

We are meeting up tonight with William, Brent, Denise and Mark, Jeffry, Andrew and Morris and probably others we don’t know about. It has been exciting getting ready and now to think that it will be going ahead. As Tim mentioned, just from comments over a lunch to see this take shape. This will be the 4th BarCampBank I have attended and probably about the 7th BarCamp. One gets used to how things happen and what to expect process wise. But it is always the people and the discussion that give BarCamps a unique colour all their own. I see Jim Bruene has signed up which is super. Lots of credit unions from the Lower Mainland which for me is really a dream come true. IF something like this can be instrumental in establishing a new form, a new process for dialogue and discussion it will be monumental.

I am sure whatever anyone expects will easily be surpassed. Brent and others will be contributing online throughout the day so those not attending can get some flavour of what is happening. My trusty Nikon and newly arrived Texas Flip Mino are fully charged waiting to record the moments for posterity. I envy those who have never attended for all that adrenaline they are going to be using up. Fasten your seat belts, full speed ahead.