Getting ready for…

As all of us attempt to prepare for the coming holiday season we know the crunch will come. Something may be forgotten, not done to the depth we planned or heaven forbid, we actually changed something and made it easier.

For us this year it was two things. Staying home and leaving the giant, heavy Christmas tree in the storage area. Staying home wasn’t an easy decision but the long winter drive up to Prince George and that we hadn’t had Christmas by ourselves for 40 years made us think that this might be the time. That meant we weren’t going to need, want or require the huge Christmas tree. We bought a small one, put our bubble lights on and are now ready.

Already the anxiety level is less.





Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Getting ready for…

  1. It’s amazing and sad how many 911 calls we have in our district around the holidays all related to stress. It’s not what was intended. Now a word about Christmas trees. I grew up in Oregon, the Christmas Tree capital of the US. I now live in New Mexico. I bought a pre-lit, fake tree last year. LOVE IT! Don’t have to “worry” about watering it, or the pine needles on the floor, or having to dispose of it. Stress reduced. Thanks Gene for the reminder. Happy Holidays!

    PS- Cochiti kitty is slowing down but still around!

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