Just because your father had it

why do you?

It sometimes trickles in

that toe

attached to that foot

without any reason

but then when it explodes and

you curse that 6 letter word


There is suddenly

a radar around you foot

sensing any immovable object

within inches.

And bedsheets hurt,

staircases are steeplechases,

and you hope your

foot doesn’t explode. 

Time heals. 

Purines still exist. 

As you attempt to forget

the pain

until next time. 

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Gout

  1. As a fellow gout sufferer, I understand your pain. I must also tell you that I take one 200mg tablet of Allopurinal (Marcan) a day. And have been doing so for some years. While gout attacks have not been entirely eliminated they have been increasingly rare. I keep some Colchicine and Diclofenac on hand in the event of such attacks, which can then be relatively brief and less painful.

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