What happens when employees YouTube the boss

I really didn’t think the social media bunch at the credit union would actually go ahead and produce a video about me, but they did. It is humbling to say the least. But beyond the clip it got me thinking — would this have happened 25 year ago? Would it be allowed to happen now in certain credit unions or businesses?

The transparency, or whatever you want to call it, of social media has made some significant changes in various stratas of society and definitely between various demographics of the citizenry. It has a “no prisoners” approach and no matter how much some would love to stuff the Genie back in the bottle it doesn’t look like it will be returning to the old way anytime soon. This morning the Globe and Mail had an article on how the TV networks and cable companies were complaining about Netflix and that they were not contributing to Canadian content. These were the same guys that were trying a year ago to get out of paying for Canadian content and now they use it as a means to try and stop Netflix. They forget to realize that Netflix offers something they don’t – complete choice of what to watch and when to watch it.

Being part of a financial cooperative that creates a culture that gives staff the ability to produce a clip about their boss for the world to see is extremely satisfying. We can talk about transparency, openess, relationships, empowerment or whatever buzz word you want, the fact remains, people have to be able to do something they see as positive, fun, and an extension of what they do in their everyday lives at work. That’s regenerative. That’s intentional. That’s socially responsible and sustainable. That is this new world emerging as we speak. The byproducts are a healthy and well run credit union.

Thanks gang. And by the way I do leave the toilet seat down. Leaving it up is nothing more than a freudian slip.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “What happens when employees YouTube the boss

  1. Great video Gene. It’s clear that everyone cares deeply about you at work. You’ve been instrumental in creating a great culture and a great credit union.

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