Expectations of the CU Water Cooler Symposium

Next week CU Water Cooler Symposium happens in Fishers, Indiana. This symposium has its roots in the Forum Solution Symposium of the past. For me it had been one of the best events in credit union land and next Thursday this new hybrid should establish the CU Water Cooler Symposium as one of the best symposiums ever.

Before anyone attends anything they have probably weighed what it costs versus what they would come to expect from going. Compared to most events here in Canada this event is a bargain. The list of speakers shows people who are working experts and the topics which are near and dear to their hearts. There is no official ‘theme’ but the speakers topics display a large variety of what will presented. How the speakers were chosen, the t-shirt contest, to the type of name tags to be used, shows an open and very workable approach to getting something like this going.

So here are a few of my personal expectations.

  1. To be able to re-connect with colleagues. There are a number of people going who I haven’t seen for a few years. Even though you know key events in their lives from twitter, facebook and blogs it is always neat to re-connect face to face.
  2. Finally being able to put a face and a voice to some avatar on Twitter. You follow people for years and now you actually get to meet them!
  3. Hearing some non-mainstream speakers. Just being able to hear new voices and pertinent topics for a change. So many conferences are almost mainstream in making sure the speakers are vocalizing the ‘flavour of the month’.
  4. The debates. If the past is any indication, there should be some lively discussions around just about anything credit union related.
  5. Social media is in everyone’s mind and it will be interesting to see where everyone is at, beginner, experience or expert.
  6. The last and probably most important. To learn, learn and learn. I never hurts to go with an open mind and act like a sponge.

And don’t forget to make your own name tag!

Author: tinfoiling


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